Caldwell Growth Opportunities Trust

Wherever a functional advantage exists, the Fund will seek to capitalize on it.

The investment strategies that the Fund will use to achieve its investment objective will include:

  • Acquiring interests in memberships and seats on private securities exchanges globally
  • Acquiring the common and special shares of public and non-public securities exchanges
  • Identifying and acquiring securities of companies that appear attractive based on valuation
  • Participating in private placements by companies that have publicly traded securities
  • Purchasing securities on unlisted companies and other illiquid entities
  • Acquiring royalty interests
  • Investing in equity securities or equity-related securities including common shares and preferred shares and to a lesser extent in other kinds of securities, including units and warrants, and writing or acquiring put and call options or acquiring futures contracts and commodities
  • Investing in issuers trading at a discount due to temporary events caused by market reactions to negative news
  • Investing by way of short sale opportunities in companies with deteriorating financial conditions, negative surprises and unattractive valuations.

Portfolio Management Team

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Portfolio Manager


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