How to Invest

If you are an Industry Professional:

Please contact us by email or call 1-800-256-2441 for more information about the Caldwell funds.

If you are an Investor:

Caldwell Funds can be purchased through approved dealers across Canada, including investment advisors, brokers, financial planners and discount brokers.

If your current dealer does not offer the Caldwell product you are interested in, or you would like to learn about wealth management services please contact us by email or call 1-800-256-2441 for more information.

Fund Codes






Caldwell Balanced Fund
A March 1, 1990 CWF101 Front End Yes (Except DPSP)
A March 1, 1990 CWF011 Low Load Yes (Except DPSP)
F July 4, 2014 CWF111 Fee Based Yes (Except DPSP)
Tactical Sovereign Bond Fund
A June 27, 1997 CWF023 Low Load Yes (Except DPSP)
A June 27, 1997 CWF103 Front End Yes (Except DPSP)
F July 15, 2016 CWF133 Fee-Based Yes (Except DPSP)
Caldwell Canadian Value Momentum Fund
O August 8, 2011 CWF701 Front end Yes
F March 28, 2014 CWF702 Fee Based Yes
I March 28, 2014 CWF703 Fee Based (Institutional) Yes
Clearpoint Global Dividend Fund
A November 1, 1988 CWF171 Front end Yes (Except DPSP)
A May 30, 2006 CWF172 Low Load Yes (Except DPSP)
F May 30, 2006 CWF161 Fee Based Yes (Except DPSP)
I July 30, 2015 CWF162 Fee Based (Institutional) Yes (Except DPSP)
Clearpoint Short Term Income Fund
A February 13, 2017 CWF166 Front end Yes (Except DPSP)
A February 13, 2017 CWF167 Low Load Yes (Except DPSP)
F February 13, 2017 CWF168 Fee Based Yes (Except DPSP)
I February 13, 2017 CWF169 Fee Based (Institutional) Yes (Except DPSP)
Caldwell North American Equity Strategy
A September 25, 2006 CWF300 Front end Yes
F September 25, 2006 CWF302 Fee Based Yes
Caldwell Growth Opportunities Trust
A September 15, 2005 CWF200 Front end Yes (Except RDSP)
F September 15, 2005 CWF202 Fee Based Yes (Except RDSP)
Pendragon Fund
A (Builders Class) September 15, 2016 CWF1400 Front end Yes
F (Builders Class) September 15, 2016 CWF1401 Fee Based Yes
I September 15, 2016 CWF403 Fee Based (Institutional) Yes