Caldwell Canadian Value Momentum Fund

The Caldwell Canadian Value Momentum Fund is now a Prospectus Mutual Fund.
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Reasons To Own:

  • Our exclusive screening process identifies companies that are creating significant value for investors.
  • Our portfolio of 15-25 stocks means our clients' money is focused on owning the best opportunities the market has to offer (no closet indexing here).
  • A demonstrated ability to outperform in falling markets.
  • The Fund ranks in the top percentile in the Morningstar Canadian Equity category for the 5-year return ended August 2016.
  • A 5 year track record of outperformance speaks to a successful history of decision making and a proven and repeatable investment process.

Investment Strategy:

The CCVMF uses a proprietary, quantitative model to screen the Canadian market for stocks that are undergoing a positive re-rating by the market. The model uncovers these stocks by combining the disciplines of value and momentum to create an investing style we coined MARP, "Momentum at a Reasonable Price." The MARP model combines screening and ranking methodologies on a custom set of quantitative factors to produce a list of strict buy and sell decisions. These are further vetted by our portfolio management team through a fundamental research overlay in order to prevent unwanted risks in the portfolio. The result is a portfolio that owns 15-25 of the most timely stocks in Canada.

The Fund has demonstrated the potential for superior investment results with reduced risk. Companies uncovered by the MARP model are undergoing a positive fundamental change driven by company or industry-specific events. These are often independent of factors driving the overall market, which has allowed the Fund to demonstrate low correlation with market moves. In particular, the Fund has shown a strong ability to produce favorable results in down markets.

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Caldwell Canadian Value Momentum Fund

Portfolio Management Team

Jennifer Radman photo
Vice President, Head of North American Equities & Senior Portfolio Manager
Mario Mainelli photo
Portfolio Manager

Asset Allocation

Equity 61.9%
Cash 38.1%

Sector Exposure

Financials 4.7%
Energy 0.0%
Materials 0.0%
Industrials 32.5%
Consumer Discretionary 8.7%
Telecommunication Services 0.0%
Consumer Staples 5.8%
Health Care 0.0%
Utilities 0.0%
Information Technology 10.2%
Real Estate 0.0%
Cash 38.1%

Country Allocation

Canada 100%

Top Holdings

WSP Global Inc. 6.1%
Cargojet Inc. 5.9%
CGI Group Inc. 5.8%
Martinrea International 5.4%
People Corporation 5.1%
IBI Group Inc. 4.9%
AGF Management Ltd. 4.7%
Calian Group Ltd. 4.4%
Rocky Mountain Dealerships 4.2%
Chorus Aviation Inc. 3.9%